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As you may or may not know, I am a suicide attempt survivor so this means a lot to me. This is a 5K walk, which due to my back issues, is longer than I have walked in probably 3 years. However, I am doing this walk for everyone like me that thought they had no way out. For everyone that has left us because they couldn't take the pain, and for everyone that has been left behind, scared and confused.


On Sunday October 9th The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding a community walk. I’ve created a Facebook event for anyone that would like to participate or donate.


Our team name is "Memory Makers". I am inviting anyone I know from Michigan. Please just ignore if you are not interested, and accept my apologies. No explanation is needed. If you are in fact interested, that's awesome!! Please join this event. I will keep you updated on everything.


Once you have registered, they will give you info on how to collect donations.

REMEMBER - the team is called Memory Makers


Our team has a $500 goal but we can always raise more!

So, do your best to get the word out. If you need any help at all with promotion or social media, drop me a line.


In addition, I have created team shirts, but they don't have to only be for the team. They're very cute and a great souvenir from the event. We need to sell 11 by September 3rd, or we won't get any of them, so check it out! They come in various sizes and styles.


My husband, Joe and I are your team captains, so reach out to us if you need to.




You will need to go to this website to register:


Here is the link to our team page so that you can donate if you can't participate:


Here is the link to the Facebook event:


Here is the link to the souvenir T-shirt:

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