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***** 5 Stars

S. Brewbaker


I can only start out by saying "wow!" If you have ever had any interest in mental health and how it impacts people, this is a must read. Rebecca offers a true, raw, unapologetic look into her life with bipolar disorder. This is not the book for you if you want a nice, neat, narrative. Instead, this book brings you deeply into the life of a woman both suffering and surviving with a serious mental health issue. She offers us a look into both the positive and negative sides of her daily experience. When you have finished this book, you will walk away with a greater understanding of the daily struggles as well as the triumphs this beautiful woman has faced and continues to face. You will not be sorry to take this glimpse into a journey that is not yours.

***** 5 Stars


My bachelor's degree is in Psychology and I read a great deal about bipolar disorder and depression throughout my undergraduate years, but this is the book I wish I would have read. The author provides a candid and raw account of what it is really like to live with mental illness and she does not pull any punches or mince any words.

Throughout reading, my heart went out to Rebecca for the many struggles that she has endured. One of my favorite chapters was when Rebecca described what it is like to have just an "okay" day. No highs, no lows, just okay. It reminds the reader to stop and take stock of what you have. Be grateful for the seemingly mundane and do not take "normal" for granted.

I was also touched by the foreward written by Rebecca's husband and the mentions of their unconditional love for one another throughout the book. I think that this is a great read for both anyone suffering from mental illness, but also for their caregivers.

Rebecca said, "I'm telling you my story not to gain attention, pity, or to make anyone feel bad. I need to get it out in the open where maybe it can help someone else choose a different way. I don't regret what I did because of where I ended up." Rebecca has overcome many obstacles in her journey, but I think even if it is not "your journey", we can all learn from Rebecca's experiences.


***** 5 Stars

T. Estell


This is the first review I have ever written for a book. And I'm glad it's for this book. I found this book very well written and informative. I myself suffer from chronic depression and have for many years. Although I hate to see someone so young as Rebecca to go through all the sadness she went through. But I do understand for me it's day by day. But it does help just a little to know I'm not alone. So I do recommend this book . And thank you Rebecca for writing it.


***** 5 Stars

M. Jacobs


Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am also a bi-polar survivor and it helps to know we that are not alone. Your book also gave me perspective on different ways to handle and look at things. Great read for anyone that lives with or is effected by mental illness.


***** 5 Stars



This book was so familiar to my life. I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from anxiety, bipolar or even the spouse of such. A great insight to how we feel.

***** 5 Stars

O. Vickers


People say your eyes are the window to your soul. In this book, we get just that. A very True, raw look into Rebecca's soul, her life. This book will give you a true understanding of Mental illness and much more.
Rebecca gives very good advice in this book. I hope her message will reach to everyone. This WILL give anyone a better understanding of what we go through, how we suffer, and how we can cope. I highly recommend this book.

***** 5 Stars

J. Buchanan


It's a raw look into the life of someone with bipolar. Very serious subjects and moods are discussed, and in the end it gives hope. As I was reading it, one thought kept occurring to me, that her experience with bipolar was both so alike mine and yet so different. Someone else's perspective is always valuable.

***** 5 Stars

A. Bernier


I thoroughly enjoyed this detailed account of a life lived battling bipolar disorder. Contained in these pages is all of the angst and heartache I've felt in my own experience with this disorder. I found myself identifying and sympathizing with our protagonist as she fought, at times, for her life.

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